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Introducing the
2019 Oasis Pro 

We're excited to introduce the newest model of H20 For Fitness© Oasis line of water treadmills to our clinic! This premier water system represents the best in the field of rehabilitation through hydrotherapy and can also be used for fitness training and weight control for canines other small animals/ pets. The natural buoyancy of water assists in a low impact but high intensity work out. This is especially important in cases of patients in the ‘recovery’ mode. With adjustable water temperature and water level, the Oasis makes rehab, fitness training, or weight control a relaxing experience.

Why does water matter for a pet? Remember RICE- Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, the common first treatment for injury or pain. Most pets need a program and therapist to employ similar benefits. First, your vet may recommend the short rest and recovery. After a period of rest, when a dog still refuses to move, the use of water submersion in a water treadmill hugs like compression support, reduces the impact of gravity like elevation, and offers temperature-controlled like ice, to speed up reduction of inflammation and increase of circulation and flexibility.

Introducing Lily's Pad Rehabilitation room at our new facility!

Veterinary facilities are increasingly using these partially-enclosed, temperature-controlled treadmills, also called aquatic treadmills, to customize a healing program for your pet’s size and injury or arthritis. Water has the power to soften your pet’s arthritic or damaged tissues, hug your pet with warmth, challenge your pet’s heart and lungs with water’s natural resistance. Meanwhile, this new hydrotherapy reduces the impact on your pooch’s injured and aging body.